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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is First Nations Fiber?

    First Nations Fiber is a high-speed broadband Internet service provider that uses fiber optic cable to deliver fast Internet right to your home or business.

  • Should I get First Nations Fiber?

    First Nations Fiber gigabit Internet is a good choice for people and households that count on the Internet to do work, get things done for school, connect smart home devices, stream TV or anything else. Plus, our service comes without data caps, annual contracts or hidden fees.

  • How fast is First Nations Fiber?

    First Nations Fiber currently offers Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit or 1000 megabits per second. You can get the fastest possible Internet speeds by connecting your computer to your Fiber Jack or router with an Ethernet cable. 

  • Do you need a router for First Nations Fiber?

    All First Nations Fiber Fiber service plans include equipment (Fiber Jack, router, Wi-Fi) at no extra cost. You’re welcome to use your own router with First Nations Fiber residential and business plans.

  • How to sign up for First Nations Fiber?

    1. Visit

    2. Call First Nations Fiber at 450-632-4441 to schedule an installation appointment

    3. Email us 

  • How long does First Nations Fiber take to activate?

    Residential service can take up to an hour to install. Business accounts require professional installation and typically take up to two hours. These time estimates include installation, set-up and any software updates to the equipment.

  • How to restart the First Nations Fiber router?

    1. Unplug the router's power cord

    2. Wait at least 10 seconds

    3. Plug the power cord back into the device. Contact First Nations Fiber customer support if you’re still having trouble with your Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

  • Can I change or manage my First Nations Fiber plan from this website?

    At the moment you will need to contact First Nations Fiber directly to make any adjustments to your account. 

    You may either email or call us via 450-632-4441 to create, adjust or manage your First Nations Fiber account. 

  • Can other elements in my setup affect Internet speed?

    Yes, factors such as whether you are connecting your devices over Wi-Fi or directly to your router with a network cable will determine the maximum speed which your device will connect to the internet. If you are unsure about the performance of your Internet service we recommend you get in contact with us for support. 

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